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"Handmade tribal jewelry & bags"
"Handmade jackets"
"Handmade tribal jewelry & bags"

In Goa Solo Andata, we create handmade tribal jewelry & bags using old fabrics and authentic details from India.




Il colore e' poesia dell'anima.jpg

Kama was the firstborn among the Gods.


... First was Chaos, and then, the wide-wombed Earth, Permanent seat of all that exists and ... of Love


Kama is the Hindu God of Love who with his bow and five arrows of flowers sends desires that dull the heart.


He is the embodiment of Desire and as such he is the Lord and Master of the Earth as well as of the Lower Spheres.


His mother is Maya, the power of attraction.


He has an enchanting partner, Rati, the one who represents sexual power, Lust.


Spring, Vasanta, is the divine commander of his army.


With its southern breeze it makes everything flourish and sweetens all creatures by facilitating the attack of the sublime arrows of the God of Love.


It is this southern breeze that sweeps away the residues of winter and that inspires our creations, colors and harmonizes them, permeates them with a positivity that we hope will pervade the people who wear them.

About Us

"Handmade tribal jewelry & bags"

Goa Solo Andata born on 2001 with Valeria, from Piemonte Italian Region, and Riccardo, from Emilia Romagna ItalianaRegion, who met to make their dream come true ... to merge the Italian style with the Indian culture and the Indian phylosophy.

Sweety from West Bengal
Shouba is making a Lambanis bag
Sweety is steaching a Cantha jacket
Sharda i making a Dalai mala
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