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The Nagaland Warriors

In the northeastern corner of India, bordering Myanmar, lies a land that was shrouded in myth and mystery for centuries. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ This is Nagaland, home to several tribes, who, until not too long ago, were feared as headhunters. The fiercest of these tribes, the Konyak, are the subjects ofAnu Malhotra 's insightful documentary.

This rituals, which are deeply reminiscent of their rich and vibrant past, remind them, among other things, that identity and self-worth do not derive from material possessions, expressions of sexuality need not be taboo, and community networks are the only promise of security.

In the Konyak annual spring festival, 'Aoling', with all its color and splendor,   the Konyak actively re-enact their days of ancient glory with colorful rituals, headhunting dances, war chants, animal sacrifices and feasting.

The Konyak put head pendants in their jewels because they were head hunters and they were used to keep the heads of the killed enemies.

With authentic pieces from Nagaland tribes, re-using glass beads and bronze pendants we create our Naga necklaces.

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