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Who we are

Goa Solo Andata was born with Valeria and Riccardo Morigi, a Piedmontese and a Romagna woman who meet and realize their dream together ... to blend Italian style with Indian culture and philosophy.

Maybe we should change photos and put a more current one, but we are particularly fond of this one, we have behind us a sunset on the Anjuna cliff and in our eyes all the enthusiasm of when we chose to live in India.

We live in Saligao, a small colonial center in Portuguese Goa.

With hard dedication we have managed to find alternative ways to find authentic fabrics, jewels and accessories of various ethnic groups of India, Tibet and Nepal, interpreting their elegance with our style.

Get involved in the mystery of India, its deep millenary culture will magically wrap you from experience

What do we do

At Goa Solo Andata we make jewelry, bags and clothing using old fabrics and authentic details from India.

We want to tell you about our daily adventure in a country capable of letting the soul and the imagination fly.

With painstaking dedication we traveled and listened to the stories of the artisans and merchants of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Nagaland, the Rabari embroiderers of Kutch and Karnataka and bought embroidered fabrics, tribal jewels and antique accessories. 136bad5cf58d_ 

We tiptoed into the Hindu Temples and Buddhist places of prayer to leave some uncomfortable legacy and find the necessary balance to continue.

Without the help and support of our women and our boys we would not have been able to give a more professional imprint to our company, in return we hope to have given them the opportunity to improve the quality of life.

The name Goa One Way reminds us of our decision to purchase a one-way plane ticket to make sure this trip was not yet another vacation, but the beginning of our life's adventure.

Twenty years ago India magically involved us with its mystery and its deep millenary culture.

We have tried to use our Italian flair and taste to reinterpret the treasures we find and original creations have come out that meet the approval of people from all over the world.

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