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Kothaliya, the Rabari's embroideries

The Kasooti Embroidery depicts the creativity of women belonging to the Lambanis community in their daily life and lifestyle.

The Lambanis are a wandering community known for their extraordinary capacity for survival and adaptation in the arid regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Unmarried girls traditionally embroider blouses, skirts and, with complex methods, mirrors, coins and jewelry are attached to the fabric, Lugdi veils underscores the importance of laj the conventional modesty that Lambanis observe, as well as tapestries, pillows, bags and processed Kothali who are gift bags, which the groom carries ceremonial gifts.

Important events and rites and values in their lives are highlighted in the embroidery.

Our bags are made from old Lambanis Kothali, embroidered with the Kothaliya technique, recovered and restored, which are sewn inserts old Kasooti, with coins and mirrors, are also hung with Junda boiled wool or shells. The bags are then lined with printed cotton and finished in real leather. The handle is connected to the bag with old bangles or Rabari anklets.

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